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Don’t Add Insult to YOUR Injury!If you’ve been involved in an accident in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and sustained a personal injury, come to the attorneys of Lloyd & Lloyd first! We put our years of experience in ALL areas of personal injury law to work – for YOU!

From your very first consultation, our dedicated staff of skilled experts move into action to get you the very best settlement possible. WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE! Don’t try to take on the big insurance carriers alone. Statistics show that people who have suffered any significant accident with injury fare much better with an personal injury attorney working to protect their interests at all phases of the process.

Located in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma area, we are familiar with the corporations and huge, impersonal claims processes involved in the Broken Arrow area. Whether it’s a work-related accident, slip-and-fall, car accident, or other misfortune, don’t EVER accept a low pay-off for your injury. Some physical complications which result from such accidental injuries take years to manifest. The effects can often be devastating and permanent. This is why you need to consult an experienced, skilled attorney to properly assess your case, and provide competent counsel as to the TRUE value of your claim.

The role of a Broken Arrow personal injury attorney is to ALWAYS work for YOUR best interests. A lawyer has an ethical and legal obligation to insure the best overall result in your case. And, you can rest assured that we will devote our best efforts to your claim, because:


That’s right – when we agree to pursue your personal injury claim, we invest significant time and money of our own, from the very start. We initially absorb many expenses associated with vigorous pursuit of your claim. Medical expert reviews and evaluations, incident investigations, travel costs, etc., are all borne by US in preparing your claim for presentation to insurers or other at-fault parties.

So, it’s only logical that we have a VESTED INTEREST in the success of your case. We assume these initial liabilities, so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO in going up against the employers and insurers.

If you live in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area, or have suffered an injury there, CALL US FIRST! You’ll be glad you did. It will be the first, last, and ONLY call you ever need to make in pursuing your personal injury claim.

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