“Failure to maintain lane” is a type of traffic offense that can result in a ticket, an arrest, and can cause collisions. “Failure to maintain lane” means that a driver has failed to stay within their designated lane and has touched the divided line or crossed over it repeatedly or for an extended period. Constant weaving, drifting into another lane, straddling the divided line, and irregular lane changing all qualify as “failure to maintain lane” traffic offenses. Drunk drivers are often guilty of committing these traffic offenses that, when met with probable cause, result in DUI/DWI charges.

When a driver commits a “failure to maintain lane” traffic offense, not only does it impede traffic around them, but other drivers and passengers can be injured because of it. For example, a driver straddling a divided line prevents the card behind them from passing when necessary. A driver drifting into another lane can sideswipe the car next to it, causing a collision. A driver erratically changing lanes doesn’t give the drivers around them enough time to stop or slow down to allow them to change lanes safely, which can also cause a collision.

If a driver has multiple “failure to maintain lane” traffic offenses, they could lose their license.

If you or someone you know was injured in a collision where the driver failed to stay in their lane, please contact Lloyd & Lloyd to discuss your legal options and possible compensation.

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