We’ve all seen it before. You’re driving along, minding your surroundings and obeying traffic laws like a good driver. You come up on another driver who keeps slowly drifting into the other lane, and you rightfully start to worry. They might be distracted or impaired—either way it’s dangerous for themselves and everyone else around them. You want to get around them, but their unpredictable driving makes it difficult and even dangerous. While erratic driving is often indicative of illegal behavior, drifting in and out of lanes is itself illegal.


Stay in your lane

“Failure to maintain lane” is a traffic offense that can result in a ticket, an arrest, and cause collisions. “Failure to maintain lane” means that a driver has failed to stay within their designated lane. Weaving, drifting into another lane, straddling the dividing line, and irregular lane changing all qualify as failure to maintain lane. Drunk drivers are often guilty of committing these traffic offenses that, when met with probable cause, result in DUI/DWI charges.

When a driver fails to maintain their lane, not only does it impede traffic, but it can cause accidents, too. For example, a driver straddling a dividing line prevents the card behind them from passing when necessary. A driver drifting into another lane can sideswipe the car next to it. A driver erratically changing lanes doesn’t give the drivers around them enough time to stop or slow down to allow them to change lanes safely. All of these behaviors can result in serious collisions. What’s more, repeat offenses will result in increasing penalties up to and including loss of driver’s license.

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