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Truck Crash Personal Injury Cases

Every year, a considerable number of individuals endure severe injuries or lose their lives in unfortunate truck crashes, often attributable to the negligence of truck drivers, particularly those piloting semi trucks and tractor-trailers.

Despite the rigorous safety mandates stipulated by the federal government for commercial truck drivers, numerous companies choose to disregard these protocols in their pursuit of augmented profits from their trucking endeavors.

Frequently, truck drivers—under the impetus of their employers – exceed the federally stipulated restrictions on driving hours. This practice of prolonged driving engenders driver fatigue and instances of nodding off at the wheel.

In the eventuality that one finds oneself embroiled in a scenario involving a truck crash, it is imperative to promptly seek consultation with a legal expert. Given that federal regulations dictate that trucking companies maintain logbooks for a finite duration, expeditious engagement with a legal representative becomes paramount in preventing the potential loss of crucial evidentiary documentation.

What happens if you crash your truck?

Car wrecks often end with damaged vehicles and injured drivers and passengers. In any such cases, be prepared to deal with the other parties’ insurance companies—and possibly their lawyers.

No matter who was at fault, you don’t want to deal with these people alone. You need a lawyer on your side who can make sure you’re acting in your own best interests.

What do you do if you’re in a truck crash?

After any wreck, your first priority is the safety of everyone involved. Immediately call 911 and alert them of any injuries or potential hazards (e.g., leaking gasoline or downed power lines).

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How much money do you get from a truck crash?

It’s hard to put a dollar amount on potential damages awarded in a car wreck case. It depends entirely on the situation and severity of the injuries. There are 3 types of damages:

• Economic damages: awarded as a direct result of financial loss, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.
• Non-economic damages: includes non-financial hardships like mental distress, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship, reputation or enjoyment of life.
• Punitive damages: includes penalties or fines awarded to the defendant on top of the above damages. These are reserved for particularly egregious or reckless offenses.

Again, any damages awarded are entirely dependent on several different factors. At Lloyd & Lloyd, we take great care to walk you through the process and fight for what’s rightfully yours. If you have questions about whether you even have a valid lawsuit, we offer free consultations as well.

What do you do if you get in a wreck with a semi truck?
As with all wrecks, first, make sure everyone’s safe and immediately call 911. A wreck with a semi is much more likely to result in serious injury or at least a totaled vehicle.

When you exchange information with the truck driver, make sure you get their name, the name of their superior, and the contact information for the appropriate party or department that deals with traffic incidents.

What is failure to maintain lane?

Failure to maintain lane is when a driver swerves in and out of lanes, drifts between lanes, or recklessly changes lanes without properly signalling. If any of these behaviors lead to a wreck, the driver can get a charged with failure to maintain lane on top of any other traffic offenses.

Who is at fault in a lane-change crash?

In almost all cases, the party who changes lanes or fails to stay within their lane is responsible for any wrecks caused. The party who’s traveling straight in their own lane has right of way in that lane.

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Who is at fault in a left-turn crash?

Again, in almost all cases, the party who turns left across oncoming traffic is at fault for any wrecks caused. The only exception would be if the oncoming traffic were running a red light or stop sign while the left-turning party had right of way.

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