If you drive, left turns are daily, routine events that most people have no problems with. It’s not hard, really. You just signal and slow down, check for oncoming and crossing traffic, and turn. However, left turns can have dangerous consequences if you’re not careful. Turning left puts you in the path of oncoming traffic and possibly pedestrians. Failing to yield on your left turn can cause a serious head-on, T-bone collision or pedestrian injury or death. Then you’re in for a world of hurt and legal problems.

Always be aware

It’s a simple but crucial rule of driving. To avoid causing injury or death to yourself and others, you should be aware of a few things regarding left-turn collisions. For starters, the same things that cause other collisions also cause left turn collision. These include speeding, distracted driving, bad weather, bad road conditions, and DUIs. Still, there are other contributing factors causing left turn collisions. Failing to signal, obstructed views and blind spots, not paying attention, failing to yield, misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic or the distance necessary to clear the intersection can all result in serious collisions.
When it comes to fault for left-turn collisions, each wreck is different and needs to be investigated accordingly. Police will make that decision at the scene, and will cite the offending party. But research over time has proven that it is often the driver turning left who is responsible for left-turn collisions. Unless the other party was in violation of a traffic law, the left-turning driver will be at fault. Current Oklahoma law acknowledges this.

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