You can never be too careful behind the wheel. Every morning commute, every trip to the grocery store, carries the risk of a serious car crash. Even if you’re a good driver, you just can’t account for other drivers. Think about how bad the average driver is, and then realize that half the population is worse than that. It’s an unsettling thought.

In 2019, Oklahomans were involved in over 73,000 car crashes. That’s a lot to look out for. So what are the most common causes of car crashes? That’s what we’re here to answer today.

Note: All stats are provided by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office.

Distracted driving

It should come as no surprise the number 1 cause of car crashes across the country is distracted driving, which can be anything from texting to eating to playing with the radio. Even a split second of distraction can have massive consequences.


  • 8,646 total crashes in Oklahoma caused by distracted driving
  • 40 crashes were fatal
  • 3,963 were on city streets
  • 5,988 involved 2 vehicles; 1,779 involved 1 vehicle
  • 2,693 drivers were 20–29 years old
  • 1,874 were distracted by a smartphone or other electronic device

Speeding or aggressive driving

Nothing unexpected here either. Nearly everyone speeds at some point or another—we’re pleading the 5th. Aggressive driving is another matter though. Weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, and cutting other drivers off are always recipes for disaster. Never do those things.

It’s always safe to travel the speed limit, but in some areas, the flow of surrounding traffic may be a bit faster. If that’s the case, it’s usually best to go with the flow, so to speak—just maintain distance from the car in front of you.


  • 5,388 total crashes in Oklahoma caused by speeding
  • 105 crashes were fatal
  • 2,522 were on city streets; 1,965 were on interstate highways
  • 4,856 involved 1 vehicle; 3,261 involved 2 vehicles

Driving while impaired (intoxicated or fatigued)

Whether impaired drivers are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication or they’re just sleepy, they cause a lot of crashes. Sadly, while impaired driving doesn’t account for the most total crashes, it does cause the most fatal crashes.


  • 3,171 total crashes in Oklahoma caused by alcohol or drug intoxication
  • 146 crashes were fatal
  • 1,424 were on city streets
  • 1,563 involved 1 vehicle; 1,406 involved 2 vehicles

Bad weather conditions

Driving in inclement weather is unavoidable, but you have to exercise more caution to avoid wrecks. While poor road conditions don’t necessarily cause the wreck, they’re certainly a contributing factor in many crashes.


  • 10,122 total crashes occurred in adverse weather conditions
    • 7,274 crashes while raining
    • 1,380 crashes while sleeting, hailing or snowing
  • 41.7% of speed-related crashes cited adverse weather as a contributing factor
    • 25.5% with rain or wet roadway
    • 14.6% with ice or snow on roadway
    • 1.7% with wind or other conditions

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