There’s no way around it. Insurance is mandatory. Whether it’s for you, your home or your car, you pay your premium each month hoping that you’ll never need to file a claim. But when that fateful day does come and you need your insurance company’s help, you expect your payments to come to good use and cover your losses.

Maybe you’re in a car accident, or your home is damaged in a storm. You would think that you deserve to be treated fairly after paying for protection for years. That isn’t always the case, sadly. Your insurance company doesn’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. They will try to push back on every cent they can to avoid paying you what you deserve.

So why do you need an attorney to navigate the long and winding road of an insurance dispute? Because they’re experienced with dealing with insurance companies and their stable of appraisers, adjusters and litigators.

While your insurance company tells you they’re investigating your claim, behind the scenes they’re gathering anything they possibly can as evidence to deny your claim.

Get a professional’s help

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your insurance company, if you’re feeling frustrated or anxious, or if you’re worried about too much time passing and losing your rights, a qualified attorney can help you sort through the nonsense and get you the results you deserve.

If you’re still not making headway with your insurance company, in cases where the insurance company unreasonably denies your legitimate claim, Oklahoma law allows you to recover an amount greater than you should have received in the first place. Oklahoma law also allows for punitive damages against insurance companies for misconduct.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact an attorney. There is no cost for an initial consultation to go over your policy, your claim, and your rights. Lloyd & Lloyd Law has the experience to take on insurance companies. We’ve handled cases involving uninsured and underinsured motorists, homeowner’s insurance, and also auto, disability, health and renter’s insurance. Contact us here or call us at 918-246-0203 to set up a free consultation.

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