When it comes time to pick a lawyer, you will always have too much on your mind. That’s what lawyers give to their client: peace of mind. So how do you know what makes a good lawyer? Is it experience? Is it a winning record? Is it personality? Well, the obvious answer is that all of these are important, but it takes a lawyer to know a lawyer. So we’re going to tell you what to look for in a lawyer to know if they are right for you and your case.

The first thing to do when searching for a lawyer is to find the experts. The legal landscape is enormous, so there is no lack of highly specialized lawyers who deal with cases just like yours. So if you believe you have a personal injury case, make sure that personal injury isn’t just a footnote to that lawyer. You want them to be very experienced and familiar with how cases like yours go so they can prepare you for the road ahead.

The second important aspect to look for in a lawyer is support. In other words, testimonials. Do people enjoy working with this lawyer, even if they didn’t win? It’s easy to be happy with your lawyer when you win, but the lawyers that truly stand out are the ones that their clients would work with again even after a loss. Ask around about a particular lawyer or look on their website for testimonials. Every case is unique, but what a person has to say about their lawyer can mean more than their experience.

The last and most important factor to consider when meeting with a lawyer is how they make you feel. After your first phone call, email or meeting, make sure to ask yourself how you felt afterward. Did you feel heard? Did they address your concerns? Were they warm and inviting or cold and distant? Your lawyer is your partner and most trusted advisor during the legal process, so you need to be able to enjoy working with them.

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